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A life long interest in horses, history and wood working provides the inspiration for the wooden horses sculpted by CAROLYN BOWSER.

For many years, Carolyn owned and showed horses throughout the Northwest. She has always been particularly fascinated with the draft horses that have played such a vital role in the development of America.

Although some of her pieces are painted, work is primarily in hardwoods and left unpainted. More free-form pieces, as is typical of the heads she carves from manzanita, offer yet another option for admirers of her work.

Leather harnesses are custom crafted by Carolyn for her pieces.


Since she began carving in 1993, this talented sculptor has received many awards for her original works. Her realistic horse sculptures have appeared in and won top honors at numerous prestigious carving shows and sales, such as the much acclaimed "Art At The Classic", held in conjunction with the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley, CA.

Great care is given in using the grain and color of the wood to accentuate the beauty and movement of horse, (or mule!). For the working horse, harness is thoroughly researched and meticulously created for each sculpture.

The scale of Carolyn's draft animals is approximately one fifteenth; making the sculptures' average proportions six inches tall by nine inches wide.

Horses and mules may be Carolyn's specialty, but she also sculpts other breeds of horses, and has done goats, dogs and buffalo!

Due to the number of hours needed to complete a piece, (30-100+), the inventory of available pieces is usually quite limited; which makes it also necessary to limit the number of shows in which Carolyn exhibits her work to no more than three shows per year.

Only having a small number of sculptures at any one time, and with demand for her unique pieces being high, the pieces appearing on this web site may possibly not be available by the time you see the galleries.

However, she welcomes inquires by EMAIL or telephone - 503-581-9452.

Heads range from $200+, larger sculptures $400+.

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None of the artist's work is replicated in any way. The designs are Carolyn's own. Each piece is a true ORIGINAL.